Bricktraders: specialist shop for LEGO® Bricks, Sets and Minifigs in St Albans, Herts

We are pleased to welcome you to our St Albans Bricktraders Shop for fans of LEGO® Bricks, LEGO® Sets and LEGO® minifigures, open 6 days a week at 57 Catherine Street, St Albans. The shop is run by real fans committed to providing genuine products and excellent service.

A family run shop for the true enthusiast, Bricktraders St Albans has many items you would struggle to find elsewhere: from discontinued and rare LEGO® sets to elusive LEGO® minifigures, We even have an area where you can build and buy your own creations. Everyone is welcome from the youngest and most casual builders to serious AFOL collectors and we have something for every budget.

Please come along and take a look. We always love to chat to fellow fans.

Here’s what you can expect..

  • New and pre-loved LEGO® sets

  • Specialists in discontinued and rare items

  • 100s of LEGO® minifigures

  • Polybag LEGO® sets

  • Buy, Sell and Trade

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